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Drawbacks With Online Casinos

Since casino extended business through the Internet, it provided great convenience among gamblers to play online. Gamblers no longer necessarily have to travel to a casino venue to play their favorite casino games. The technologies used and technical support and services an online casino provides are efficient in giving a real casino environment.

It is quite satisfying for a gambler to play online casino because of the convenience they can benefit from it. Aside from the need to travel has become unnecessary, they can have the choice of any place they find comfortable to play casino games. Multi tasking is also possible when playing casino online which gives them freedom to do other things such as cooking, watching tv or reading while participating in a casino game online. The formal ambience is absent thereby making a casino player more relaxed throughout their play.

Aside from the numerous advantages a casino player can gain through online gambling, it is also important to note that there are some drawbacks from playing an online casino. Extreme caution must be taken by an online gambler to only participate in a credible online casino. Because of the wide support and patronage with online gambling, the Internet has been crowded with unscrupulous businesses that are meant to take advantage of the animosity feature the Internet provides.

The existence of rogue casinos is undeniable. Rogue casinos are online casinos proven to have multiple fraudulent behaviors. The fraudulent behaviors are often manifested with the casino’s intention of delaying payments of winnings in an attempt to lure online gamblers to use their account to play more casino games and eventually lose back their winnings. Rogue casinos are not officially identify though by any sort of regulating body but are rather known through individual webmasters or player opinions from forums intended for online gamblers. A list of identified rogue casinos may also be found from gambling portals.

On the other hand online casinos are not the sole perpetrator of illegal activities concerning online casino. Online gamblers also manifest fraudulent behaviors. Major concerns of online casinos are gamblers utilizing editing software to create a fake winning screenshots to outwit online casino from believing they have won and will claim for the pot. Online casinos are believed to be sharing a blacklist of individuals identified to have fraudulent casino player behavior.

Money laundering is a major concern in the US which gives leeway to the Federal Wire Act to be imposed as a prohibition of electronic transmission involving any online betting. This is due to the fact that unsupervised electronic fund transfers are being exploited by criminals to launder large amount of money considered to be illegal. However, it is beyond the control of the US the online gambling taking place beyond their jurisdiction and the Wire Act have not put a complete control over online gambling.

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